Common Mistakes Made By Canadian Immigration Applicants

Given our years of experience, we have seen many common mistakes made by applicants when applying for Canadian immigration. These mistakes could lead to a refusal of the application altogether. With strict caps and quotas, mistakes are things you can no longer afford to make, especially with an end result as valuable as a permanent Canadian residence. To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Bliss Immigration Ltd has put together a list of the most common mistakes made by Canadian immigration applicants.

1. Picking a fraud or ghost consultant
Choosing a fraud or an inexperienced consultant for Canadian immigration is a common mistake many people make. After paying exorbitant fees and wasting endless time, the immigration file is refused. People wanting to move to Canada must judiciously pick and appoint a consultant who can file their case as per the rules and regulations and provide honest and transparent professional services.

2. Choosing the wrong immigration category 
Generally, it has been seen that many applicants do not have the knowledge of the most suitable category for them to apply in. Ineligibility due to filing under certain applications is the lead cause for refusals. We at Bliss Immigration Ltd make sure to guide the clients in picking the right category matching the proper selection criteria.

3. Delayed response time 
Many applications are refused as applicants do not respond or submit the documents required within the deadline date given by the immigration officials. It has been observed that the immigration department does not commonly send reminders to submit documents, and because of negligence, many case files are rejected. We ensure that our clients are up to date and remember to submit the required information and documents before the deadline dates. This is important for the success of the immigration application.

4. Not disclosing accurate information 
The immigration department has ways and means to find out the missing or misleading information given by applicants in their application forms. Suppose the applicant is caught concealing material information. In that case, a decision of misrepresentation is given by Immigration Office dealing with the case file, which is a serious matter leading to straight refusal.

5. Miscalculating their selection points
There are selection factors under most of the Canadian immigration categories, and points are calculated for each factor. A person’s chances of success depend on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. If the selection factors are not properly dealt with to ensure that applicants meet eligibility, chances are that the application shall be refused.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Bliss Immigration Ltd

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