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Online Support

We provide free online support to any questions you may have during the processing of your application until your visa is issued, Interview preparation and hints., Free online support to any question you may have during the processing of your application, and/or any information you need or any professional advices on the Immigration Law and Regulations of Canada. Complete and finalize your application forms, List of documents to support your application to avoid making mistakes, as well as instructions on how to complete the applications and submit it to the appropriate Canadian immigration office.

Provide professional advise on the Immigration Law and Regulations of Canada., Provide client information, main duties and responsibilities of his/her profession published by the Canadian Government in order to assist client to obtain reference letters from present and previous employers., Review and identify all required documents and supporting evidence for submission of the file. Prepare and submit client's application for processing (including family members) and supporting documents as required for the above application to the Canadian Immigration Authorities. Monitor client's case throughout the processing period and have a full contact in all matters regarding the file with relevant authorities (Canadian Immigration in Canada and/or Canadian Consulate offices abroad) so as to ensure the timely issuance of Permanent Residence Visas. Assist client in preparation, submission and provide applications and other information in regards to the informal assessment for immigration purpose if client's profession is regulated in Canada and needs to be assessed by a Canadian Association body (such as Engineering degree, Technologist or Technician, etc. if applicable). BLISS also offers Post Landing services, at no additional expense, will also provide necessary help, guidance and settlement services like, arranging transit accommodation on arrival (at your request and expense), Job search, guidance on securing Social Insurance Number., Medicare, schooling for your dependent children, child tax benefits, professional development, financial grants / education etc.

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