Service Packages

Application Procedure

As soon as we receive the FREE Online Assessment Form we will inform you whether you are eligible to apply to immigrate to Canada. We will respond within a few days with a brief initial analysis of your chances of being successful with your immigration application. However, if you are not qualified at this time, we will advise you as to how it is possible to apply for immigration to Canada in the near future.

Although each case and service package may be different and processing time varies among visa offices and between applicants., we have provided a general outline of the steps within the application process and how BLISS will work with you throughout the process.

    Step 1: You make a request for a Free Online Immigration Assessment or by phone or fax

    Step 2: We inform you whether you qualify or not for the particular immigration category

    Step 3: You request more information about our services and rates

    Step 4: We give you more information

    Step 5: You decide to retain our services. At this point we will send you an agreement outline of our customized services to you, rates and policies

    Step 6: You sign the agreement and send it back to our office along with the first payment

    Step 7: We will send you a package with all information, instructions, application forms to be signed by you as well as a list of all the documents that we will need to complete the processing of your case

    Step 8: We receive your application forms signed along with all the documents required by the Immigration to support it and the government processing fees

    Step 9: Your application will be prepared and make sure that it is filled out properly with all the information and supported by all the necessary documents required by the immigration. Then your application will be processed to the appropriate Canadian Visa office

    Step 10: If you are called for an interview, we will provide you with all the interview material and information needed to study and prepare yourself. Once you pass your interview, you will receive medical forms for yourself, your spouse and your children to undergo medical examinations

Processing Time
The time frame between Step 1 to 9 is dependent on how soon you complete your application and send it to our office with all the necessary documents.

The remainder of time to complete the processing of your application depends on the Canadian Visa Office which handles your application and whether no additional documents or information is required and/or whether you will be called for an interview. Processing time varies among visa offices and between applicants.

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