Government Benefits in Canada

Welfare payments / Income Assistance programme

Each province in Canada has a system, where the persons in need are eligible for some form of financial assistance. If you are a Canadian citizen, a Permanent Resident or a Refugee who is in a financial hardship, he/ she may be eligible for income assistance. The amount of the financial assistance varies from individual to individual and is based upon their eligibility and needs.

To be eligible for this help, applicants are expected to use all other sources of income and assets before applying. Finding work is the primary goal of the recipient and this financial help is an interim relief while the individual is looking for work or is taking a job placement program. Some of the factors considered in the eligibility for this help are that persons are between the ages of 19-64 years and the number of family members / dependents, etc.

If a person meets the above requirements, then he/she can fill out the income assistance estimator to find out the amount of financial assistance you can get. In the income estimator, a person is required to give information regarding monthly expenditures for rent or mortgage, heating bill, phone bill, hydro cost, the value of applicants' assets as well as an approximate monthly income.